Vuojoen Kartano

Kartanontie 28
27100 Eurajoki


In less than two years Vuojoki Mansion went trough a complete restoration. The original floor plan and interior style was returned as well as original wall colours. The intention was to return the dignity to the architecture of this unique Mansion complex designed by C.L. Engel.

In 1999 Eurajoki municipal council rented the Mansion to Posiva Ltd to be used as office premises, research and culture functions. Contract enabled the restoration of Vuojoki Mansion. Restoration was financed by EU-support assigned by West-Finland regional government and share of capital contributed by Posiva and Eurajoki municipality.

Until the beginning of restoration in 2004, Vuojoki served as a communal nursing home. On that time period the Mansion was transformed to serve institutional, which meant lowered ceilings and small patient rooms. These constructions were removed as well as the corridor built in 1960’s, which combined the main building and the eastern annex. It was replaced by an underground passage. During the restoration the original wall paintings were examined thoroughly and restored. The main building and eastern annex were completed in 2005 and operation as a multi-action centre began.

The restoration was designed by architects Sari Schulman and Simo Freese from Schulman Ltd, and area plan by Ympäristötoimisto Ltd. Maalausliike Veljet Mäkilä Ltd operated as a chief contractor.

Restoration of western annex and Orangerie were executed in 2007. Guesthouse Wuojoki was modernised in western annex. Orangerie was restored after Engels plans with the help of modern technology. Orangerie has now modern sauna premises and conference room and exotic flowers and fruits grow again in glass parts.

Nowadays Vuojoki Mansion serves public and customers as a conference and culture centre.