Vuojoen Kartano

Kartanontie 28
27100 Eurajoki


Vuojoki Mansion is one of the most beautiful empire mansions in Finland. It has also architectural importance. Vuojoki is mentioned in historical documents as early as in the 16th century. The de la Gardie family became as owners of the mansion in the beginning of the 17th century. In later years Vuojoki ended up in ownership of Marshal Åke Tott, who also lived in the Mansion himself. The following owners were Councilor Gustaf Soop and subsequently his daughter and grand daughter. Through marriage the von Fersen family became the owners of the Mansion. The following heir, O. W. von Klinckowström was a colourful character in the high society and also a von Fersen from his mother’s side. He and his wife Sarah also lived at Vuojoki for some time.

The Mansion did not really flourish until the 1830s, when Captain Lars Magnus Björkman (ennobled in 1834 Björkenheim) from Isokyrö bought it. Lars Magnus Björkenheim built the current buildings and drafted an ambitious greenhouse and garden plan. “Vuojoki Castle”, as people called the Mansion that time, completed in 1836. The main building, two annexes and the greenhouse, Orangerie, were designed by C.L. Engel. Engel was the most significant architect in Finland in that time and also the designer of the Senate Square buildings in Helsinki. In the middle of the 19th century Vuojoki Mansion winter garden Orangerie had perhaps the world’s northernmost pineapple and peach plantations.

The ownership of the Björkenheim family ended in 1911. The forest property of the mansion interested forestry enterprises, and the Mansion was converted into a limited company named Vuojoki Gods Ab. The main owners were the future founders of Rauma factories, K. A. and H. G. Paloheimo, and businessman N. Toivonen. However, the massive enterprise become too much for their finances. The United Bank of the Northern Countries came to rescue, assuming the responsibility for the financing of the company. This was the beginning of Rauma-Repola Rauma factories, one of the best-known companies in Finland.

In the 1930’s Eurajoki Municipality became the owner of Vuojoki Mansion and its grounds, and it served as a local authority home and later nursing home for decades. In 1999 the decision was made that the valuable Mansion premises would be renovated to serve enterprises, tourism and culture in the area. Plans for changes and renovations were initiated. Vuojoki Foundation was established in 2003 to organise the activities of the conference and culture center. The Charter of Foundation was signed by several municipalities and enterprises in the area.