Vuojoen Kartano

Kartanontie 28
27100 Eurajoki


Vuojoki Mansion is a popular destination for group visitors. Mansions rich history is best experienced on a role guided tour in empire-style halls. Also the permanent exhibition about history and restoration is a good source for Vuojoki information. During the visit also a delicious buffet lunch at the Restaurant Wuojoki can be enjoyed.

Role guided tours

Experienced guided introductions are made alive by guides projecting themself into a role of Mansions inhabitants from 19th century. Tour leads to the history of the mansion circulating in halls, in garden, in Orangerie or e.g. in robust tree alley. Guided tours are according to your wishes.

Theme for tour can be

* General guidance for history and the presence of the Mansion
* Björkenheim family as the owners and builders of Vuojoki
* Restoration of Vuojoki Mansion

Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish, Germany, French, Esthonian and local dialect.

Duration 1 h. Group minimum 10 persons. Booking in advance.

Enquiries and reservations or vuojoki

Also other interesting visiting destinations of the area can easily be combined with Vuojoki visit.

Olkiluoto Visitor Centre

At the Olkiluoto Visitor Centre, you can see how a nuclear power plant operates and learn about the journey of nuclear fuel from rock to rock. The exhibition was jointly designed by TVO and Heureka Science Centre, and it gives visitors a wealth of information and hands-on experience. You can view the exhibition at your leisure or with a tour guide. The exhibition tours are given in Finnish and English.

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Rauma Region

In the Rauma Region, you can dive into the depths of water, culture and history both on land and at sea. You will fall in love with the unique combination of history and modern development, nature and technology, rural tranquillity and urban energy. It’s worth paying a visit whether you are from far away or close by.

Reservations for Vuojoki Mansion: email. vuojoki, tel. 044 2424085